We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the PERFECT BALANCING CENTRE undertaking Repairing & Services For any type of Rotary Machineries.

Type Of Services :

* In-house Dynamic Balancing
* Condition Monitoring
* Vibration Consultancy
* Site Dynamic Balancing
* Rotor Repairs & Services

As you are aware that excessive vibration on any rotating machinery will severely damage its many important parts like rotary elements, Bearings, Shafts etc. To avoid a major breakdown of the machinery due to the above problems it is always advisable to get it Dynamic Balanced any type of rotary elements before assembly as well as periodical checking of the Dynamic imbalance of the rotating parts of your plant machineries & corrections thereafter can solve your vibration problems.

And for large machines, we have Site Balancing Facility to do the Dynamic Balancing without dismantling the machine thereby minimising the down time, labour cost & production loss etc.

Our company is indulged in business Associates of SCHENCK Rotec india ltd.
Corporate office of SCHENCK India is on four Acres of property located at Noida.

Manufacture Following Products In India
1) Dynamic Balancing Machine
2) Dynamometers
3) Vibration Monitoring Systems
4) Vibration Analyser / Balancer
5) Parameter Identification/Vibro  Acoustics Diagnosis Systems.

Our Mission :
Leadership in Dynamic Balancing Services & Marketing Of World-class Highest Quality Standards Dynamic Balancing Machines & Vibration Equipments with Advanced Technology &
Testing Solutions.




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